Sunday 10 July 2016

Sterilizing Home Brew Equipment

One of the great things about home brewing is that much of the equipment can be re-used. But it is important that you do not re-use equipment that does not have germs on them, as this may ruin your next batch of home-brew.

Basically I have found there are 2 main trends of thought on how keeping germs off your equipment can be done, these are either by Sanitizing or Sterilizing. (even though British I have gone with the American spelling!).

When I first started with this hobby I didn't know there was a difference, but there is, not only in the results but the processes involved, but ultimately both seem to achieve the desired results!

Sterilizing is my favored method, when you sterilize you remove all germs, so no risk of germs remain on the equipment. This does not mean the equipment can't become contaminated but for me I like to know things are as clean as they can be. I use VWP, (other brands are available), and I clean the equipment with the solution, leave 10mins and rinse. Once dried the next batch can be made and ready to go.

Alternatively you can sanitize, now this also gets rid of the majority of germs, and will leave your equipment in great condition to use. Most mums sanitize milk bottles for their babies so it's all good and works well. Some sanitizing brands can be made up, or sprayed on then wiped clean and used to brew with straight away. So I can see the appeal and as it takes less time to do and works well.

As previously mentioned I sterilize my things, but I do this immediately after use, then before my next use I wipe them with a soft cloth and warm water. It may be seen as overkill but I like to know my equipment is in good shape for my concoctions!

Which ever one you do it doesn;t really matter, just keep it clean! I hope this has helped any new brewers out there and keep brewing people! ;)

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